Many of OneDrive for Business users complain that the folder and file names are too long when using the OneDrive desktop application. This is because OneDrive reflects your Organization name at the top of the OneDrive folder directory on your computer. Addressing even a simple filename becomes too long. This may cause many problems during copy or backup your files.

You can avoid these possible problems by keeping the OneDrive folder name shorter.

You can shorten the OneDrive folder name by changing your Organization name on the Microsoft 365 Tenant. To do this, first go to Microsoft 365 Admin Center>> Settings>> Organization Settings>> Organization Profile>> Organization Information menu.

When you click on Organization Information, another menu will appear where you can edit your organization’s name and address information. Edit your company name to be shorter and save it.

Then open the OneDrive application on the user’s computer and enter the Settings menu.

After choosing the Account tab, remove your account from OneDrive using the Unlink This PC option.

Open the OneDrive desktop application again and sign in with your account. After signing in, you will see the OneDrive file path updated with your new organization name. Just finish your account setup and start to use OneDrive folder with a shorter name.

If the old organization name still appears on this screen, do not worry. You just have to wait a while. It may take a few hours or days for your change to be reflected on the user side.

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