User’s Teams status shows as focusing

Recently, we’ve had complaints from Teams users that their status shows “Focusing” and they’re not getting any notifications from office apps, including Teams.

In fact, it doesn’t look a random problem, considering the comments of the users. Also, there is no user-selectable focus state in Teams.

Therefore, I thought this presence may have been triggered by a different service. When we say focus, Viva comes to mind firstly, so I immediately went to the Viva application through Teams and checked the Protect Time menu.

As you can see below, the user has reserved certain time periods of the day as a focus process. (This may have been done unwittingly.) For this reason, Viva insigts mutes the user’s notifications at a certain time every day. This also causes that the user’s status shows as focused.

There are two ways to get rid of this situation. The first is to remove the reserved time slots from the user’s Viva Insights settings. For this, it will be enough to follow the steps in the short video I prepared.

As a second way, you can turn off the Viva insights feature completely for the user by following the steps in the gif below.


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