We can use Sharepoint for file sharing, library and archiving roles. During this process, we need to create a hierarchy and permission policy for directories which we use in the Site.

I want to mention about a known issue we face during this time. If you give “Edit” permission on the subfolder to the user while user has “Read” permission at the library level, the “Edit in grid view” option disappears.

The “Edit in grid view” is a useful feature and it’s used for multi-item editing on Sharepoint usually. Losing this feature may upset you.

As you can see below, all Edit/Upload options are available, but the “Edit in Grid View” option is not.

The reason of issue is “Edit in grid view option” is a feature that is provided to users on library basis, not folder basis. If you do not have Edit option on library basis, you can’t use this feature although you have Edit permission in the subfolder.

But we have a workaround to overcome this structural problem. After cloning current read permission at the library level, we must add the Edit option which activates Edit in Grid View feature.

First, open the Site where we faced the permission problem. Click on the “Site permission” option from the settings button on the top right of the screen.

Then, enter the “Advanced permission settings” option from the menu.

Here, click on the Permission levels option.

A menu appears with the current permission levels. Read, Edit, etc.

Let’s open the Read permission which we have assigned to the affected user or group in the case.

Create a copy of this permission by clicking on the Copy Permission Level option at the bottom.

Choose “Edit Items” option and save this new permission level with a different name. The option we chose activates “Edit in grid view” feature.

So, we have a new permission level that acts like read-only but has an “Edit grid view” feature.

But this feature works only if the user has edit permission on the related folder.

Now let’s open the Library Settings option. Here, click on Permission for this document library. Users and groups window is going to appear.

Click on the affected user and assign the newly created Read permission by the Edit User Permissions option.

If you check again the subfolder which user has edit permission,  you can see “Edit in Grid View” option is active


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